YouTube Channel Ideas For Couples!

In this post, I´m going to talk about some YouTube channel ideas for couples so you can start working together right away.

Now, despite the fact that working with your partner can be really hard at times it can also be very rewarding, especially when you share something as thrilling as a successful YouTube channel can be.

Let´s dive in!

1. Vlogging

Probably the most popular choice amongst YouTuber couples as it makes a great way to connect with your viewers and show people from an unfiltered perspective what your day to day life looks like, how YOU both are, and what you like to do.

That´s what Jess and Gabriel do on a daily basis:

And, as you can see, together they have grown a massive audience of millions of subscribers, mainly by vlogging videos.

Now, although some of their videos may seem super random the truth is that it takes a lot of work to come up with interesting ideas, shoot a video, edit, and create something entertaining and (sometimes) educational to watch.

Especially when you are trying to make spread out vlog videos and not about specific topics related to one market/niche you always cover on your channel.

Vlogging, good vlogging, is an art, you get better with practice and you go through more creative stages at some points and not very creative ones at another time.

2. Relationships

Yup, you are a couple, you argue, you have issues, you make it work, and you share all of that on YouTube!

Relationship oriented channels have built wide audiences by creating useful content that helps people out with their daily relationship-related struggles.

And, since it is an evergreen market, the content you put out isn´t going to get outdated over time.

Actually, both your content as well as your video filmmaking skills are only going to get better, which is also going to positively affect your growth.

A great example of what is possible on YouTube if you happen to be interested in this is CoupleThing:

A channel that basically deals with the struggles of being in a relationship.

That is what they are all about, or as they say:

“What they say is true: love is a battlefield. Our goal is to help you accept that fact, breath, relax, and laugh at yourself. We can all be crazy in love together.”

Now, this particular channel uses Stop Motion to animate with dolls their videos, which is pretty fun to watch, you guys can show yourself or do a similar thing, as long as the goal is helping other couples with their daily struggles by sharing your thoughts and insights about relationships.

3. Pranks & Comedy Skits

You already know that pranks are a hit on YouTube, right?

Sometimes doing pranks to other people becomes much easier if you have a partner to work with, there are so many ideas you can work with if you have a reliable associate that also loves comedy.

One of you could be filming from the distance or you could both participate in order to fool people more easily than if you´d be a one-man show.

Or you could prank each other! 😁

That is what Carmen and Corey do most of the time and it has worked really well:

They have clearly learned what their viewers want and that´s the main reason why they have never stop growing and have now millions of subscribers watching their videos.

You can do the exact same thing with your partner, you don´t need to reinvent the wheel (unless you want to!), good pranking videos get an immediate reaction, so you´ll whether you are doing great or not pretty quickly.

Pro Tip! Work on your thumbnails, they increase CTR, which is your Click-Through Rate, the number of clicks you get when your videos are suggested to new viewers. Just take a closer look at Carmen and Corey´s thumbnails, they look awesome!

4. Interviews & Podcasting

Interviews and podcasting are two other great channel ideas to work together as a couple and learn from other people.

Plus, it´s a fun way to create content in a way that makes everything much easier as you won´t need to be talking all of the time and you´ll be able to focus MOSTLY on the question you make and what you want the other person to talk about.

Or you can simply talk with each other and make authentic content at the moment with just a little previous work, as Couple Of Issues do:

On the other hand, doing interviews can be fun and really instructional, that is the way great characters such as Joe Rogan are able to create so much awesome content on a consistent basis.

By simply relying on what your host can offer combined with great questions and straight forward interactions you can build an entire fanbase of loyal viewers.

In addition to that, you can make repurpose that content in the form of Podcast and get some “extra” leverage that way.

5. Art Channel

There are (literally) hundreds, if not thousands, of YouTubers that have created a thriving business with their artwork.

So, if you are both great singers or at least one of you are (the other can play an instrument) you could both create great YouTube video covers, which is what many people is doing right now.

Which is the case for Alex & Sierra, who´s channel has only 35 videos but it has well over 600k subscribers and tons of views each and every month:

Now, you don´t have to be a great singer to be a successful YouTuber, you can also draw, paint, make handmade and homemade crafts, dance, or simply play really well an instrument, pretty much everything fits rather well within the YouTube universe.

However, this doesn´t mean each and every one of these artistic abilities can make you super popular or make you tons of money, singing is pretty mainstream, none the less you can still get a decent level of recognition and noticeability if you take the time to own your art, whatever that is.

In fact.

One of the most underestimated skills that it´s starting to pick up is Filmmaking, which is a fun and very profitable form of art expression if you make good use of it to create engaging video content.

6. Travel Vlogging

Another good way to create an awesome-looking channel is by traveling the world!

Sounds great, right?

Well, it is, and you don´t need to start spending your entire salary on traveling the rest of the world to being with your channel, you can simply start by showing your city, then maybe your state or region, and finally your entire country!

That is what some YouTubers have done when they got started with their channels, and there are others that have simply sailed away to see the globe, like Sailing La Vagabonde.

A young couple that started out by sailing around their homeland all over Australia and sharing some of their adventures with their relatives through video and then decided to upload their journey with the rest of the world.

Now, if you don´t own a yacht or any sort of water navigation vehicle don´t worry, there are plenty of other couples like La Vagabonde that make it work without ever touching the sea, like Kara and Nate who visited well over 100 countries or Flying The Nest, a couple of vloggers that upload great content twice a week on their travel channel.

7. In Common Interest!

Whether you share a hobby or any sort of particular interest that could potentially make a good YouTube channel you should both consider it by doing some proper research.

See if there are videos about it, or better yet, if there are people trying to find content related to your hobby/interest by using YouTube suggest.

In case you didn´t know, YouTube suggests refers to what searches (keywords) people are typing in the search bar of YouTube when trying to find something.

It´s what YouTube suggest to you when you type something:

Let YouTube tell what your next video should be about!

By doing that you can rest assured that you´ll find tons of different ideas and potential markets to get into.

There are couples making great content about just anything you could think of, from videos about the places they live to their shared Veganism, which is the case of That Vegan Couple.

And you can easily find tons of examples like this yourself.

For example, I´ve found this channel which is solely about Cryptocurrencies and it´s also managed by a couple, it´s called The Crypto Couple.

There are couples that talk about their favorites foods or their passion for cooking, couples that share their love for pets, sports, movies, traveling, and just about everything you could imagine.

The goal is to simply find something you both would like to share and talk about with an audience and create an awesome YouTube channel about it.

Plus, you´ll get twice the work done in the same amount of time than other YouTubers do!

8. Movie Reviews

What a fun YouTube channel idea!

If my girlfriend would like movies as much as I do I would definitively create a YouTube channel to review movies.

Now, as long as you make it fun and (maybe) educational to watch people will love it.

Reaction videos work great on YouTube, and if you add some insightful opinions about what you think the movie was or is going to be (if you are reviewing the trailer) it can become something entertaining to watch.

That´s the case of The Movie Couple:

I´m starting to see a pattern about the naming of the channel, you do too, right? 🤔

Now, although they are a small YouTube channel you can easily see there´s a lot of untapped potential on what they are doing.

If they combine great vlogging with funny reaction videos and insightful movie reviews they are going to explode and surpass the 100,000 mark in no time.

9. Health-Related

As you´ve seen, there are vegan couples, movie couples, crypto couples, and all sorts of couples!

But there are also working out partners who are married, and all sorts of healthy nuts that make great content all over YouTube.

Sharing tips on how to make healthy meal preps that you both can consume throughout the week, what smoothie recipes you´ve tried, what results you are getting, and so on and so forth, can work really well on YouTube.

Whether you both like to focus on healthy eating or more on the workouts, or maybe combine both and find a balance between each it doesn´t really matter.

What CAN make the difference is you both get involved in the process of making great content to help others achieve their health-related goals.

Couples like to watch other couples deal with the daily struggles of maintaining a healthy habit, whatever that may be.

So, if you do a good job at making useful content then you´ll grow, I mean, just take a quick look at Steph and Adam´s example:

BONUS: Double Down On What Works!

Doubling down means two different things.

On one hand, it means betting on what seems to be working better.

Once you get started with your YouTube channel and you have found that some of your videos are getting some traction then you MUST head over to your Analytics tab to figure out what type of content does your audience like the most.

That way you´ll know what should you both be doubling down your efforts the most.

On the other hand, it means that whatever you pick as an idea for your YouTube channel keep in mind that working as a couple will double your productivity.

So, it can be a great way to start a YouTube channel, no matter the niche or market you both want to be a part of.

Whatever can work with both of you WILL work!

How does that work?

Like this, don´t think too much about what is the right or wrong niche to be in, think about what common interests or passions you both share and double down on that.

Chances are that you´ll get things going if you do something that you are really interested about, not only because you´ll be willing to put in the hard work necessary to succeed but also you´ll get (literally) twice as much done than other content creators.

It´s Your Turn

Now that you know what you have to do it is time for you to decide and actually DO IT.

I really hope some of these ideas liked you and/or, at least, made you think about other topics or channel ideas you would like to make with your partner.

Let me know in the comment section whether you think there are other channel ideas that could work well with couples.

Have a nice one!

Matt Porta.

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